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Who are we?   

What do we do?

The Unit’s primary mission is to provide mounted SAR services throughout the state of New Mexico. In addition the Unit has assisted the Sheriff’s Department and State Police with securing crime scenes, evidence searches, crowd control, and public relations at community events. When assisting a Law Enforcement Agency in scenarios such as these, the Unit members do not have law enforcement authority.

The New Mexico Mounted Search and Rescue (NMMSAR) Unit is an all-volunteer group previously known as the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Mounted Search and Rescue. The Unit was formally established and recognized by the State in 1984, and is one of the few mounted Search and Rescue (SAR) teams in New Mexico. In 2009 the Unit separated from the Sheriff’s department and became an independent SAR Unit.

NMMSAR operates under a Review Board made up of Unit Members that are elected or appointed to various positions. Funding for the Unit is obtained through independent fund raising activities. These funds are controlled within the Unit and used to acquire equipment, pay for training, cover administration expenses etc. The Unit operates under IRC 501(c3) status. NMMSAR operates at virtually no expense to the taxpayer or community.

The majority of our duties are done from horseback, we do provide some search missions and activities support from foot or ATV.

Searches: All searches in New Mexico are initiated by the NM State Police. If you are in need of a search call 911 

New Mexico Mounted

Search & Rescue        A 501c3 Non Profit Organization